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Butterfly Affirmations

Upcoming workshops 

Origami Liberation Butterflies

Create Positive Affirmations!

Affirmations of healing

For more information:

Ms. Uniqua 

(718) 915-5357

Butterfly Affirmations

My Art M.A.D.N.E.S.S.

My Art, Making Art, Diverse, necessary, Educational, Sustainable, Selfless)

Blessings Flow. Dance for Healing and Peace Family

Workshop at the Library the Brownsville Library Brainy Babies. Families enjoy your note card. I'm looking forward to another workshop tomorrow.

Uniqua Simmons

Art Exhibition: "You are Wonderfully made"

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"You are Wonderfully made"


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Wonderfully Made

Through the Mind of a Flower Searching

Colors in Deep

Paintings , Mixed Media, Collage

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To be announced

Art Exhibits

To be announced

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